Lil Dragons Program:

The Lil Dragons program will also help prepare children for school by teaching them self-control and concentration. It will also teach them to interact with fellow classmates, raise their hands when they ask a question and will learn to show respect to elders. The Lil Dragons class will also help young children release the “energy” they have built up during the day, in a safe, fun environment.

This unique program was designed specifically with young children in mind. We will build their confidence while helping them learn to pay attention and follow directions. Students will also improve hand-eye coordination, flexibility, balance and strength. Instructors teach basic karate skills like punching, blocking and kicking. Students will learn to defend themselves, but will also be taught that karate is only used for self defense.

Junior Program:

Our Junior Program will challenge students age 7 and above, with a exciting, fast-paced workout. Students will learn practical self defense moves while becoming more coordinated, increasing flexibility and building strength. The Junior-level curriculum includes striking, grappling and physical fitness. We also believe that a well-rounded karate program will include life skills. Our Instructors specialize in teaching students the value of good focus, discipline and positive attitude. Our classes will keep students motivated and prepare them to excel in life, as will as on the mat.

Adult Program:

Adults are you ready to improve your fitness level and reduce stress? Is martial art something that you have always wanted to do? Take control of your life and do something good for yourself. Our adult karate program combines kickboxing, grappling and physical fitness to provide students with an awesome total body workout for mind and body. Classes are for adults only and are conducted in a clean facility with state-of-the-at equipment. All of our Instructors are former students who continue training with the Master Instructor on a regular basis. We have a flexible class schedule and plenty of parking. Our school also provides amenities such as a snack bar and locker rooms with showers.

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